Sunday, December 29, 2013

2014 Resolutions

Dear Jessie:

Take vitamins. Everyone says that they don’t do anything, but your skin looks glorious every time that you consistently take Vitamin E for more than a week, so fuck the haters.

Drink more water. It’s not hard. And no one is convinced that you are more important than everyone else at work just because you “don’t have time to pee” in the day.

Be nice and supportive to girls always... even to the ones who aren’t nice and supportive back. They’ll come around. Girls like each other. Anything else the world tells you is a lie.

Smack yourself when you feel jealous about other people’s success. Be actually happy for them, not fake happy. Earth is hard.

(Okay, you can be a tiny bit jealous, but don’t dwell and don’t tell anyone else. Jealousy is not very becoming on you.)

Recognize that EVERYONE feels self-conscious and often. The surest way to cure us all is to be genuinely interested in each other.

As often as possible, look at stars and recognize that the most fantastical thing that you will ever see in your whole life is just above you every night. It is screaming at you to look at it, and it is way cooler than celebrity cellulite.

Get off the phone as much as you can. It seems impossible, but I believe in my heart that it is an easily broken habit. You can sit by yourself in happy silence, and no one will think that you are weird. They will probably be confused, but they will be impressed.

When you feel judged, compliment someone. Just make sure it’s a real compliment – otherwise they will feel judged.

Read more books. Don’t be too lazy to learn, even if you are just learning about (indulging in) the dating rituals and manners of 19th century English gentry.

See more theater. It is one of the few, truly romantic things left in this world.

Forgive yourself for the mistakes that you make. Most of them are silly and not important anyway. If it is a big mistake, always remember that forgiving yourself isn't a pass; it's a path to redemption.

Understand that your art is not about you… ever. It is not about the recognition… ever. Your art is about the art. Always strive to be someone who is more comfortable promoting your work than yourself. And if it is ever different than that, find something else to do.

Don’t take the people who love you for granted. Being difficult for no reason is icky and not cute. If you do take someone who loves you for granted, humble yourself, own up to it, and apologize. The words “I was wrong” can knock down some strong walls.

Try to keep your mouth shut when opening it will only cause more trouble and drama. You know exactly when that is, so don’t play dumb. And don’t bottle that sassiness up for use at a later date. No grudges. Only evil queens and villains hold grudges, and despite their great costumes and magical abilities, they never win.

Understand that, most of the time, your world should not be all about you. Be flexible whenever you can be.

Understand that, once in awhile, your world should totally be all about you. Be incredibly inflexible and self-indulgent in those moments.

Celebrate every holiday that you can and do it to the utmost. There are few moments in this life to celebrate. Don’t be all, “Christmas is so commercial, blah, blah, blah.” Buy presents, wear green, hide eggs, light a sparkler, and do it with a goddamn smile on your face.

Give hugs, tell jokes, go to the store without makeup on, laugh as much as possible, and always, ALWAYS eat as many BBQ chips as you’d like in 2014.

And lastly, learn how to play the piano… or the drums. At least take one lesson, and I will be satisfied.  

Love Jessie